Mischief Brew Updates

RIP Erik Petersen

We are heartbroken to confirm the sudden passing of Mischief Brew songwriter and frontperson Erik Petersen. While respecting his family's privacy during this difficult time, we are comforted knowing that family, friends and fans alike will remember and celebrate the art he gave us all.

We will be sharing the details about a public memorial to be announced throughout the next few weeks.

Now a bit of housekeeping...
Mischief Brew's European tour scheduled to begin later this month has been cancelled. Although Mischief Brew will not be performing, some of the shows are still happening, so check with your local promoters.

Fistolo Records, the independent label founded by Erik and Denise Vertucci--his wife of 11 years--will continue to serve as homebase for most of Petersen's releases. In keeping with the legacy started by Erik and Denise, Fistolo will continue to release music from Mischief Brew and other artists of their community.

All of us touched by Erik and his music will continue to cherish the influence of his songs in our lives, and our memories of an individual synonymous with positivity, solidarity, community and passion.

Denise, Shawn, Chris, and the pugs.

Posted by: Josh  •  07/17/2016

Europe/UK Tour Dates Announced!

Heading back to Europe and the UK for a few weeks in July! Check out the "Shows" page for details!

Posted by: Erik  •  06/20/2016

The Orphans "Lost Songs: 1994-1997" digital EP now available.

The Orphans have a new digital EP of old songs! "Lost Songs: 1994-1997" collects five unreleased outtakes and demos, from one of their first 4-track demos to one of the last songs they ever recorded. It all comes from five different tapes, mixed and mastered at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philly. A rare, nearly-forgotten, fun collection for sure. Check it out here.

Posted by: Erik  •  04/19/2016

New video for "Squatter Envy" unleashed!

Fire-breathing, juggling, BDSM, and pugs running riot are all a part of our new video for "Squatter Envy" by Shibby Pictures! Shot in one long continuous take in Asheville, NC while we were on tour with Everymen, everyone here is having about as much fun as it looks. Check it out at https://youtu.be/TzojuOSIJIY

Posted by: Erik  •  04/17/2016

Acoustic dates on the horizon...

We've added a bunch of solo/acoustic dates for the spring and early summer for Philly and New Jersey... we're giving lots of love to NJ, as we've denied them for a while. Check out the "Shows" page for details.

Added a bunch of UK dates... more to come! Mainland European shows as well, get in touch if you'd like to help or want more info...

Posted by: Erik  •  04/13/2016

"Smash The Windows" reissue on 180 GRAM out now!

"Smash The Windows" has been reissued!

Fistolo Records has re-released our 2005 debut LP "Smash The Windows" on 180 GRAM VINYL. But that's not all! The album has been completely remastered from the original analog tapes. A digital download is included featuring two unreleased bonus tracks: an outtake called "Bag Of Pepper" that no one has ever heard, and an alternate mix of "The Lowly Carpenter."

It is ONLY be available on vinyl and through digital stores worldwide (no CD version). The digital version includes the bonus tracks.

We are so excited to make all this old stuff available again, with a new coat of paint! It started with Kettle Rebellion, moved on to "Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia" and now "Smash The Windows"... and it will continue.

The songs, in case you forgot:
1. The Reinvention Of The Printing Press
2. Citizens Drive
3. Lightning Knock The Power Out
4. Nomads Revolt
5. The Lowly Carpenter
6. Ten Thousand Fleas
7. Swing Against The Nazis
8. From The Rooftops
9. The Gypsy, The Punk, And The Fool (A Tale)
10. Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
11. Ain't It The Life?
12. A Liquor Never Brewed (with Guignol)
13. Departure Arrival
Digital bonus tracks:
14. Bag Of Pepper (outtake)
15. The Lowly Carpenter (acoustic mix - outtake)


Posted by: Erik  •  02/26/2016

"Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia" now available!

"Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia," an LP made up of the first two releases, is now available from Square Of Opposition and Fistolo Records on LP and CD/digital, respectively. You can order it from either label's webstore, and probably find it a bunch of other places too. The songs have been completely remastered from the original tapes and wrapped in new art... really a matchless collection of tunes from the early days. Dare we say classic? Essential? Well, we just did...

Posted by: Erik  •  02/09/2016

New Brunswick, Brooklyn, and Allentown shows this weekend.

Getting ready to head out to do three crazy shows this weekend! Check out the "Shows" page for info. We will have the "Bacchanal 'N' Philadelphia" LPs and CDs before the 2/2 release date! Take heed: the Brooklyn show has been moved from The Good Room to Sunnyvale.

Posted by: Erik  •  01/28/2016

Announcing March dates with Everymen in the South!

We'll be heading south in March with our good friends Everymen (Lake Worth, FL)! We're doing four shows in Florida, and a bunch in between. The dates are on the "Shows" page, we'll update info as we get it. Excited! It's been too long!

Posted by: Erik  •  01/14/2016

"Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia" release shows!

"Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia" will be released on 2/2 by Square Of Opposition (vinyl) and Fistolo Records (CD/digital)... but you will have a chance to get it beforehand, and any of these shows: 1/21 - Philly @ Kung Fu Necktie (Erik acoustic) w/Brook Pridemore 1/29 - New Brunswick, NJ @ BoMA 1/30 - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale 1/31 - Allentown, PA @ Consolidated Cardboard "BNP" is made up of the "Philadelphia" side of the Robert Blake split, and the complete "Bakenal" EP... remastered and wrapped in new art! More details about the shows on the "Shows" page...

Posted by: Erik  •  01/08/2016

Coming soon: "Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia" LP/CD

Tracks like "Devil Of A Time" and "Rambler's Ghost" will be available on vinyl for the first time ever, on "Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia." To be released soon from Square Of Opposition Records and Fistolo Records (LP and CD/digital, respectively), it collects the songs from the "Bellingham & Philadelphia" split with Robert Blake and the "Bakenal" CDep, both long out of print. Remastered, wrapped in new art, and pressed on limited colors, this is a special batch of songs that really jumpstarted this whole thing back in 2003. Release date TBA!

Track Listing:

1. Every Town Will Celebrate

2. Olde Tyme Mem'ry

3. Boycott Me!

4. Dirty Pennies

5. Liberty Unmasked

6. Fare Well, Good Fellows

7. Devil Of A Time

8. Rambler's Ghost

9. The Drunk Of Three Nights

10. Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell

11. Anti-Lullaby

Posted by: Erik  •  11/30/2015

The Orphans are playing in Brooklyn 10/18 w/Subhumans!

Hey NYC and closeby friends: The Orphans will reunite for ONE SHOW at The Acheron in Brooklyn, Sunday Oct. 18th. Subhumans and Opposition Rising are playing too. The show will sell out so buy advance tickets here!

In Mischief Brew news, we sadly will not be able to play Broken Strings Festival in Sacto. The fest is still going on of course, and lots of our friends' bands are playing. So if you were planning on going, stay the course!

Posted by: Erik  •  09/16/2015

New music video: "City Of Black Fridays."

Along with DIY filmmakers Shibby Pictures, we are excited to present our new music video for "City Of Black Fridays" off our new LP "This Is Not For Children" (Alternative Tentacles Records). It's a fun trip around our hometown, and goofs around with some Philly folklore involving Santa and snowballs. It's a celebration song in the end, a song for workers and drinkers alike. Oh and it involves baseball. Check it out here.

Posted by: Erik  •  09/01/2015

Home! Thanks! And future festivals...

Thanks to everyone that came out to our recent jaunt around the midwest and eastern Canada, we had a blast as always! No long tours planned at the moment, but there are a couple "destination" shows including the Joe Hill Centennial Festival in Salt Lake City, then the Broken Strings Music Fest in Sacramento, CA... both in September. Should be fun and smelly! Check the "shows" page for info!

Posted by: Erik  •  08/08/2015

We have a new record out!

It's been a while since an update, whew. We had an incredible tour on the west coast with our friends Ramshackle Glory, and are prepping for some dates in the midwest and eastern Canada in July/August. In case you didn't notice, we have a new LP/CD out on Alternative Tentacles! It's called "This Is Not For Children" and you can buy it from them (click "Buy Music" link above). It's also available on iTunes, Bandcamp, all that. Hope you like!

Posted by: Erik  •  07/08/2015

Record release shows! 2 in Philly at Boot & Saddle, Bay Area at Gilman St...

We are basically doing THREE record release shows, at two of our favorite places. Two in one day in Philly at Boot & Saddle (early all ages, later 21+) on 5/30, then on the west coast at Gilman St. in Berkeley 6/7 with Ramshackle Glory, Kevin Seconds, and more. Whoa! Check out the "Shows" page for info, and details on upcoming tours.

Posted by: Erik  •  05/03/2015

Dying Scene streaming "Bad Heart" off "This Is Not For Children."

Dying Scene has the exclusive stream of "Bad Heart," a track off our upcoming LP, "This Is Not For Children. Think of it as a dark sequel to "Nomads Revolt." It's all still posi, you just have to look harder. Check it out here!

Posted by: Erik  •  04/22/2015

Razorcake streaming new track, "No Candlesticks."

New song alert! Razorcake has an exclusive stream of "No Candlesticks," a tune off our upcoming LP, "This Is Not For Children," out 5/23 on Alternative Tentacles. Check it out here and tell us what you think!

Posted by: Erik  •  03/31/2015

West coast tour with Ramshackle Glory in June!

West coast friends, it has been too long. We'll be heading back and doing most of the shows with our friends Ramshackle Glory! You can check out the dates here, we'll put up info and create an event page ASAP. We'll be doing our "West Coast Record Release" show at Gilman in Berkeley on June 7th. It can't come soon enough!

Posted by: Erik  •  03/25/2015

Erik Petersen solo dates in April

Hey friends below the Mason-Dixon Line: while you're waiting for the new LP, there's an acoustic mini-tour happening in April! Baltimore, Chapel Hill (w/Cottontail), Myrtle Beach, Savannah. Dates on the "Shows" page!

Posted by: Erik  •  03/17/2015

New LP out in May on Alternative Tentacles Records!

We're excited to announce that we've joined Alternative Tentacles Records for our next LP, "This Is Not For Children." Thrilled to be a part of a label with such history and so many great bands! We're excited, you should be too... you can read more here.

Posted by: Erik  •  03/02/2015

New limited shirt, new song on "Neutral Milk Hotel" tribute LP.

Check out this rad new "Smash The Windows" T-shirt available exclusively from Interpunk. Get 'em while you can, cause when they're gone, they're gone! Click here.

Also, we are on a Neutral Milk Hotel tribute LP, released by Swamp Cabbage and Fringe Sound Records, covering "The Fool." You can stream/buy the digital album here, and buy the limited LP here.

Posted by: Erik  •  12/15/2014

This weekend! Last two MB shows of the year, probably...

This weekend we are playing two shows, in Philly and Atlantic City. It's probably the last two shows of the year, unless something wild comes up. Philly is Fri. 11/7 at Kung Fu Necktie (21+), and Sat. 11/8 is in AC at The Boneyard Bar & Grill (All Ages). Both shows are with Everymen, from Florida. Be there! Info on the "Shows" page.

Posted by: Erik  •  11/02/2014

"O, Pennsyltucky!" single and video out today!

Whew, excitement! You can check out the video for our new song here. It is also available for purchase on our Bandcamp page, iTunes... and as a cassingle from the Fistolo webstore. What a week this has been between the Kettle Rebellion show and this (thanks to all that came out and made that special, by the way). Punk no stop!

Posted by: Erik  •  10/14/2014

New single/video, "O, Pennsyltucky!" out 10/14...

What a month. On 10/14, we'll release our new single and music video for "O, Pennsyltucky!" It will be available digitally (iTunes, Bandcamp, etc), as well as a cassingle limited to 300 copies available on the Fistolo webstore. A music video, shot in Centralia, PA by Jon Foy, will also be unveiled. We're having a party at Tattooed Mom on 10/13, you can see/get all this early! Also updated the shows page with all the upcoming chaos...

Posted by: Erik  •  10/04/2014

Advance tickets for Kettle Rebellion! Songs as old as the hills!

Advance tickets are now on sale for the Kettle Rebellion show... this is a special event, not to be missed! This early incarnation of Mischief Brew will be playing some OLD, RARE songs that you would never hear otherwise. Buy tickets here...

Posted by: Erik  •  09/09/2014

Local shows, including a one-off Kettle Rebellion performance!

No tours at the moment, but if you live in the Philly area, there's some cool shit on the horizon! Including a one-off Kettle Rebellion show, all ages at The Fire on Oct. 11th! We'll be playing the LP, as well as some old rarities that you'd never hear otherwise. Check out the Shows page for current details...

Posted by: Erik  •  08/31/2014

Updated shows on the Subhumans tour...

Hell yeah we're playing the Philly show at Voltage Lounge 7/26! Also added info for a show on the way to Montreal: 7/17 in Burlington at The Monkey House. Check the "Shows" page for all current info...

Posted by: Erik  •  06/29/2014

Acoustic shows in the Midwest this week!

Heading out tomorrow to play Morgantown WV, Columbus OH, Cincinnati OH and Bloomington IN (Plan-It-X Fest), all solo/acoustic. Check out the "Shows" page for details! Or on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/553619274757938/

Posted by: Erik  •  06/17/2014

Acoustic dates in June now up! PIX Fest and more...

Erik, Denise, and the pugs will be doing another old school jaunt in June! This includes a midnight performance at Plan-It-X Fest near Bloomington, IN. We'll also be playing Morgantown, Colombus, and Cincinnati on the way! Check out the "Shows" page for all current info, individual event pages, and more.

Posted by: Erik  •  05/04/2014

July tour with Subhumans!

Well, we wish we could play every freakin' city with this one. But alas, if you are around the Northeast in July, we'll be doing a bunch of shows with the Subhumans! Returning to some of our favorite places on this one, including two Canadian dates... as well as playing Baltimore (it's been too long!)... and strangely, our first Detroit show that is NOT at the Trumbullplex. We posted all the shows here, with all the current info we have (times, advance tickets, etc). Check out the "shows" page for details!

Posted by: Erik  •  04/22/2014

Southwestern holiday, with some acoustic shows...

Surprise! Denise and Erik are going on vacation to the American Southwest. Why should you care? Because we're doing a handful of acoustic shows while we're out there. Because there's no such thing as a pure holiday. We're playing Vegas, Denver, and Phoenix, all solo/acoustic. It's not a tour! Just some fun shows scattered within a trip where we have no real plans other than to hang out and see some beautiful country. We're in Vegas for 2 days, play, then fly to Denver, play, then meander our way to Phoenix, visiting whatever we want to visit along the way. It was supposed to be a Mischief Brew tour but did not work out logistically. But we kept the shows we had and made it a vacation. See you there, hopefully!

Posted by: Erik  •  04/13/2014

Pre-order the Kettle Rebellion LP! Limited to 250.

We are now accepting pre-orders for the limited vinyl release of the Kettle Rebellion LP, exclusively through the Fistolo webstore (you can't get this anywhere else). It will be available digitally from online stores, including iTunes and our Bandcamp, on April 1st.

We are now accepting international orders again, for all releases! We're still trying to find a fair balance, especially if you are ordering multiple items. Since the USPS raised prices, it's a bit confusing. But if you have any questions please get in touch, especially if you are placing a bigger order! We always throw extra goodies in (stickers, patches, whatever), so it's worth it all around.

Order the vinyl here.

Posted by: Erik  •  03/29/2014

Stream the Kettle Rebellion via Punknews! Also, CD pre-orders from Different Circle Records...

Punknews is offering an exclusive stream of the Kettle Rebellion record. Check it out here! Also pre-orders for the UK/Europa CD version are now available from Different Circle Records. You can order them here

We will post vinyl-ordering info soon! All digital versions (iTunes, Bandcamp, whatever else the kids use these days) will be released April 1st.

Posted by: Erik  •  03/27/2014

SURPRISE! Kettle Rebellion album available April Fools' Day!!

We've been teasing a limited vinyl release, and here it is: 12 years after its recording, the "Kettle Rebellion" album will finally see the light of day! Kettle Rebellion was the first full-band incarnation of Mischief Brew in 2001, playing only five shows under the name. Eight songs were recorded but never mastered or released. Two years later, the mixes were stolen from Erik and Denise's house and put on Soulseek, with invented/incorrect song titles. Word spread of a "rare Mischief Brew recording" on messageboards. We suddenly realized, in horror, why so many kids were requesting songs that we didn't know the names of. Punx: do not steal from punx! Anyway, upon recently discovering that only parts of adequate mixes existed and were deteriorating, we seized the opportunity and mastered it. We even put the original intended insert back together (rubber cement does NOT hold up in the longrun, FYI), and are using it. The record will be available April 1st from our webstore on oxblood vinyl limited to 250 copies, so snatch one up! A CD version will be released in the UK/Europe through Scottish label Different Circle Records. Meanwhile, it will be available worldwide through digital stores and through the MB Bandcamp page. So excited to finally have this out! We will post all ordering links within the week!

Posted by: Erik  •  03/26/2014

"Thanks, Bastards!" (Demos, rough mixes, outtakes) available on our Bandcamp page! Pay what you want!

It may be Snowpocalypse on the eastern seaboard, but that means we're bringing bad ideas to life. We rummaged through our garage today and invented an online release out of thin air, and now all 16 tracks are available on our Bandcamp page. Free/pay what you want! It's called "Thanks, Bastards!" (because thank you) and it includes a bunch of rare demos, outtakes, rough mixes, covers, and alternate versions of songs you may have heard before. Buyer beware: it is raw, untrimmed, raspy, unmastered, full of false starts and rough lyrics. But apparently that's what people like about it. Check it out here!

Posted by: Erik  •  02/13/2014

We have a Bandcamp!

At long last, we have a Bandcamp, and we've added a bunch of stuff with more to come. For a limited time, all the albums are $7 to download... meanwhile, we've dug up the "Live On WKDU" CDr and put that up for FREE/pay-what-you-want. Free downloads with purchase of the physical records, where available. Still learning how to shift, but as time goes on we'll add both new and old releases...and maybe some exclusive gems, so stay tuned! Check it out here...

Posted by: Erik  •  01/19/2014

More new shirts at Interpunk! Creaking to life in the frozen wasteland of the Polar Vortex.

Check out the two new shirts available now at Interpunk! Nifty. We're rehearsing for the next album. We're playing a warehouse show in West Philly 1/25. Some acoustic shows being planned. Tours being discussed. Thumbs/bottoms up!

Posted by: Erik  •  01/19/2014

New, exclusive, limited holiday T-shirt from Interpunk!

The helliday season is upon us, and you can stave off the winter darkness with whiskey, roasted brussel sprouts, and a brand new Mischief Brew shirt from Interpunk! It is exclusively sold there, and are limited edition. When they're gone, they're gone! So step right up here!

Posted by: Erik  •  12/02/2013

Out to lunch! Er, working on new music...

No shows planned right now, because we are writing a new album. It's gonna rule, seriously. If any shows or news pop up, we'll let you know!

Posted by: Erik  •  10/17/2013

Acoustic Weekend! Winchester, Baltimore, Richmond...

Thanks to all that came to the Boot & Saddle solo show in Philly, what a blast! The fun continues this weekend, with Erik Petersen playing Winchester, Baltimore, & RVA. All shows are solo/acoustic. Details can be found on the shows page, or you can join the tour event here.

Posted by: Erik  •  10/11/2013

Brooklyn Friday, Boston Saturday!

Yanks/Sox fans unite! We are playing two shows this coming weekend in NYC and Boston. Friday @ Grand Victory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, then Saturday @ Cambridge Elks Lodge. Both with Absinthe Rose, Dirty Kid Discount, and Days N' Daze. Not to be missed! See "shows" page...

Posted by: Erik  •  09/25/2013

"Bakenal" & "Philadelphia" 10 years later @ Philly acoustic show/tour kickoff

Here's that cool acoustic show announcement: Wed. 10/9 at The Boot & Saddle. Erik Petersen with Orange Iguanas (Appleton) & 1 more TBA. Since it's been TEN FREAKING YEARS since "Bellingham & Philadelphia" and the "Bakenal" EP, both records will be played, in order, along with some old rare songs you always shout for but never hear. Yup, "Dirty Pennies," "Rambler's Ghost," "Anti-Lullaby"... all of 'em. It will also be the kick-off show of an acoustic mini-tour. Denise, Erik, pugs, Honda Element. Old school.

Posted by: Erik  •  09/10/2013

More gratitude and thanks, and future shows...

The RUIN show in Philly at Union Transfer was an absolute blast, what a great way to end this round of summer shows. Thanks to everyone that made it happen! We're hungry for more, so here's what we got: shows in NYC and Boston with Absinthe Rose, then a short acoustic mini-tour in October (PA, VA, MD, DC). We'll keep you updated!

Posted by: Erik  •  09/02/2013

Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to all the friends, bands, promoters, cooks, and heavy-handed bartenders that helped make this tour great! Wow, so inspiring. And we ain't done yet! This Saturday 8/31 @ Union Transfer with RUIN, Pagan Babies, and Northern Liberties! Then 9/27-28 in NYC and Boston! Check the shows page...

Posted by: Erik  •  08/25/2013

August Tour Dates Updated.

We've updated the website and event page with all the info we have for all the shows. Be sure to join in individual events (on FB) in your city... if you have any questions it might be best to post them there. Starts 8/14 in Buffalo! See you there! Event page...

Posted by: Erik  •  08/08/2013

"Live In Ray's Basement" (2002) acoustic cassette now available for download.

Our friends over at Square Of Opposition Records have put up pretty much their entire catalog on their music page, for stream and download, where you can name your price! This includes the VERY out of print split live cassette between Erik Petersen and Robert Blake, "Live In Ray's Basement," which later led to the "Bellingham & Philadelphia" split LP. Pay what you want, but please pay what you think is fair, as it's nice to support independent DIY record labels! Check out the site here.

Posted by: Erik  •  07/15/2013

August Tour Dates, 2013!

Touring in August! Includes dates in our mainstays of Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, but also returning to places we haven't been in a while like MPLS, Milwaukee... and new places like Grand Rapids and Appleton! Click on "Shows" page for details.

Posted by: Erik  •  07/05/2013

Acoustic shows in NOLA, Philly... and a free Mischief Brew show @ Morgan's Pier!

Erik Petersen will be doing some solo/acoustic shows coming up: 6/14 @ Siberia in New Orleans (happen to be in town, 18+), and just announced, July 4th @ The Fire in Philly with Ramshackle Glory & The Taxpayers (all ages). Meanwhile, Mischief Brew will be playing in Philadelphia at Morgan's Pier on Wed. July 17th for FREE! It's 21+. Visit the "SHOWS" page for all info and links. August tour in the works as well. Summertime rolls.....

Posted by: Erik  •  06/08/2013

Under The Influence 7" finally released! Kind of. On Silver Sprocket, that is...

Remember the elusive split 7" with Franz Nicolay that was supposed to be a part of Suburban Home's "Under The Influence" series? We recorded it ages ago... at Vibromonk in Brooklyn, NY (where we did "Smash The Windows" and "Fight Dirty"), it features covers of songs that influenced both acts, and it has finally been released by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club! Much respect and all is well with Suburban Home Records, we are just happy that it has finally seen the light. Silver Sprocket will have ordering info up soon, in the meantime you can stream it here

Posted by: Erik  •  06/04/2013

Spring = new tank tops for sale from Interpunk!

Interpunk has made brand new two-color tank tops, and they are up for sale now in all sizes! They look great. You can check them out, and buy 'em at https://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=211172.

Posted by: Erik  •  05/02/2013

West Coast Tour 2013!

We'll be heading out west, it's been too long! All on the coast, as far north as Vancouver BC and as far south as LA. Check the "Shows" page for details!

Posted by: Erik  •  03/31/2013

"Free Radical Radio Fever" now available in the U.S. on iTunes.

Our new acoustic single, "Free Radical Radio Fever,"  is now available in the U.S. on iTunes, as well as countless other online stores! The 7" was released exclusively in Europe through Gunner Records, but now you can get it along with a bonus track, "The Ballad Of The Cloth."

Get it on iTunes here.

Posted by: Erik  •  01/30/2013

New European acoustic 7" from Gunner Records singles club!

Surprise! We have a new 7" single available now through Gunner Records, which is appropriate as we were the first release on the label! It is acoustic, and part of the singles club. You can purchase it from them here. An online release (mp3) will be available in the U.S./Americas on Jan. 29th. Here's some more info:


           The newest single from Philadelphia anarcho-folk-punks Mischief Brew reaffirms the truth that you don’t need a lot of volume to create angry music, as it is their first mostly acoustic recording since 2006’s “Songs From Under The Sink.” But meanwhile, it dares to defy the half-truth that only corrupt world leaders inspire fierce protest music. It is true both George Bushes gave us a lot to write songs about. So naturally, when Barack Obama is elected, all is right? Nay! Erik Petersen and company does its damnedest to write a rebel song against a liberal approach that’s not from the Fox News camp, but from the point of view of we human beings that think voting “Democrat” is not nearly enough. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but place your needle on the A-side and feast on “Free Radical Radio Fever.”

            The B-side is a song that had been bouncing around our brains for a while, “Carried Away.” It is a broader rallying cry to the freaks and misfits both here and abroad, hopefully inspiring them to put down their bibles and pick up an atlas and go somewhere, anywhere, rather than where they are told to go.

            The single will be released exclusively as a 7” on Gunner Records, out of Bremen, Germany, along with a downloadable version. Meanwhile, an MP3 version will be available worldwide, courtesy of Fistolo Records in the Americas and Gunner Records everywhere else. All downloadable versions will include a THIRD track, “The Ballad Of The Cloth,” which is a lilting anti-hymn that was written for the very first Mischief Brew demo, “Mirth.” A raw recording was surprisingly unearthed when remixing that demo… it was re-learned and re-recorded, and now will be the third track to round out the EP.

            100 are available on red vinyl, exclusively to subscribers of the singles club. The rest are on black.

Posted by: Erik  •  01/17/2013

Mischief Brew @ Underground Arts w/Mucca Pazza (21+)

Another Philly show, at a newish place called Underground Arts! Thursday January 10th with Mucca Pazza and On The Water. Go to the Shows page for details.

Posted by: Erik  •  12/16/2012

Mischief Brew Skateboards from First Try!

FIrst Try Skateboard Company has unleashed a Mischief Brew deck, as part of their Artists Boards Collection! Original art by Erik that resembles a pirate/treasure map, interspersed with lyrics from songs like "Citizens Drive," "Pompous Ass Manifesto," and "Weapons." So cool! Limited to 50 so don't delay.

Buy em at: http://www.firsttry906.com/collection/item/Pirate_Punk

Posted by: Erik  •  12/03/2012

"Rhapsody For Knives" on Fistolo Records Webstore!

You can now order the new 7", as well as a bunch of other stuff from Mischief Brew and friends, on the Fistolo Webstore! Click here.

Posted by: Erik  •  09/16/2012

"Rhapsody For Knives" now available on iTunes!

Our new EP, "Rhapsody For Knives," is now available on iTunes, as well as several online stores/services worldwide! Buy it here.

You can also order physical vinyl from Interpunk here. It'll be on the Fistolo webstore soon, we promise!

We hope you like!

Posted by: Erik  •  08/28/2012

Webstore orders whilst on tour...SHIPPING!

All orders received up til now have been packaged and are going out 8/31! Thanks for your patience while we were on tour, people!

Posted by: Erik  •  08/16/2012

"Rhapsody For Knives" News

Some info about the new 7 inch. It will be available on tour on awesome blue vinyl!


Posted by: Erik  •  08/14/2012

Hey New England folks

We will be in your neck of the woods next weekend!

8/17 - Cambridge, MA @ Democracy Center. 45 Mount Auburn St. With Robert Sarazin Blake, The Radicals, and Absinthe Rose. $10. 6:30 PM.

8/18 - Biddeford, ME @ South Street Festival. With Robert Sarazin Blake. FREE!  

8/18 - Portland, ME @ The Heart Opening (ACOUSTIC AFTERSHOW. 227 Congress St. With Robert Sarazin Blake and Meghan Yates. $7. 8 PM.

Posted by: Erik  •  08/11/2012

Hot August Nights 2012!

All dates and venues locked down, so we're re-sharing this! Join in! Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and everyone goes... halle hallelujah!


Posted by: Erik  •  08/06/2012

Orphans Merch in Fistolo Store

Bunch of new (and old) Orphans stuff added to the Fistolo Records Webstore! Two different T-shirt designs by Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations and the original 7" recovered from the Creep Records vaults.  http://fistolo.tumblr.com/

Posted by: Erik  •  08/03/2012

The Orphans Reunion!

Thanks to everyone at X-Fest (XFS, Country Creek) for a great time, and to all the folks that travelled! Next, a show that won't resemble the last one in the slightest: The Orphans! With Plow United, Iron Chic, and Spraynard.

Advance tickets and more info available here: http://www.facebook.com/events/388309491186587/

Posted by: Erik  •  06/11/2012